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In the middle of April, a few days after I had met Hayley on her birthday, an old, dear artist friend, Margaret, spent a couple of days with me.  She had lived here many years ago, and was in town for a gallery opening of her most recent work.  She stayed with me for two days/nights.  It was wonderful to reconnect with her and I felt very comfortable sharing Hayley’s tragic story of addiction with her. Margaret is not only a gifted artist, but also an RN and a trained art therapist.  She is an experienced and compassionate professional and friend, who has helped many people deal with chronic and terminal illnesses, and traumatic experiences.

Margaret  brought me several gifts  – a beautiful azalea topiary, a bottle of wine with a braided, hand-woven ribbon ‘bracelet’ adorning it, a tiny cut glass bud vase from a recent trip to her native England, and – – – a little round box that she had lovingly decorated.  A week or two later, after reading a post on one of my favorite blogs, 37 Days, I decided that this beautiful, handmade box, would become my PRAYER BOX.

That very day, I started to write people’s names on slips of paper and put them in to my prayer box:  Rob, Heather, Sam, Carrie, Angela, Beth, Daniela, Jeff, Faye and family, etc.  I keep this Prayer Box on the window sill above my kitchen sink.  It’s one of the first things I see every morning.  The names inside are safe there, and I regularly look at them to remind me of why that person needs my prayers and positive thoughts.  This tangible and sacred vessel that contains my very own collection of people I care about and who are in need of my focused  thoughts and positive karma, is a reminder to: get out of myself, be grateful for what I have, share what I have to give, and  – – – be humbled by all of you out there who are struggling, in pain, fighting the good fight, yet still able and willing to encourage others.

Please let me know if you would like me to put a name in to my prayer box.  I would be honored to do so.  I know that many of you have prayed and are praying for me and Hayley – and want you to know that I will do the same for you. Thank you. 


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28 Responses to “Prayer Box”

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What a wonderful idea for your box Peggy and I shall think of that when I make them in the future and encourage others to do the same. Bless you for thinking of it. More later we are busy with company and family

What a beautiful offering. Sent you a separate email but yes, please add my parents names to your special prayer box. Also my sisters. Still in so much pain.

Faye – I’m honored to add all of your names to my Prayer Box. Have you ever read anything about grieving by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross? Sometimes it helps to have a guide through the grieving process. I wish I could do/say something that would ease your pain. Unfortunately, “time” seems to be one of the major factors in healing. Thinking of you, as always. Peggy

I love what you did! I also love beautiful creative objects – things that just make me happy just to see them – I can tell that box would be such a thing – just seeing it would make me happy – and then to know what an awesome use you are putting it to!
I’m a prayer beggar – so I’d love if you put Heather in there!
Thank you!
God bless!
Love & hugs 🙂

Peggy, how wonderful! I may have to start my own prayer box. Would you mind adding my daughter Katie. Thanks!

Diana – I’m so pleased to add Katie to my Prayer Box. Just think – all of our sons and daughters, sisters and more, are in there together – hopefully, giving each other strength and encouragement, as well as some higher power. That’s what I’m imagining, anyway. Peggy

No begging necessary – she’s been in the Prayer Box from the beginning. Hugs back to you. P.

This is wonderful, Peggy. I’ve thought of this idea often, but you have inspired me to follow through. I have just the box I want to use. Your name will be the first one to go in. Some names for your box: Maureen, Em, BJ, Jonathan, Kevin, Ethan.
Thanks for this post! xxooxxooxx

Margaret sounds like a special person! What a perfect use for the box she made you. I would love it if you added Keven, Anthony and Kelly.

I also am glad you reminded me of the 37 days blog, I used to read it all the time but had kind of lost track of it.

I have a prayer list, but am going to use a special box I have instead, thanks to your idea. It has “Faith” engraved on it.

Thank you for offering to pray for my Laurie. My name is Joy. I pray for you and Hayley daily, and I have found my God box to be a tangible help and reminder!

Joy – what a perfect name, because your blog and posts bring me such joy. “Beth” has been in my Prayer Box since day 1. I will also add “L****e. Peggy

What a beautiful offering Peggy. Thank you! This reminds me of the “God Box” (or Higher Power Box) that some of my al-anon friends use. The idea is this:Any problem, worry. Fear that is out of your control…uh… for me that would be just about, write it down and put it in your God Box ! A tangible reminder to “let go, let God”. You have inspired me to create my own Prayer Box and by golly, I’m going to make a God Box too. I’ll be praying by name for each parent and child I have come to know via the blog community that has given me so much strength Pegggy, you and Hayley will be in there for sure. Please add my family and son M, that he find his way with the guidance and grace of God. Thank you xo.

Please add J to your prayer box. I believe in the power of positive thoughts and prayers. As always Hayley is in my prayers.

Thanks for putting Beth in your prayer box. Could I go in there too?

I’m putting you in right now, Anna. And – what a brilliant thought – I’m also going to put myself in there! Peggy

what a wonderful idea. I’m passing it on to Pint…she has a lot on her plate right now. I think she will LOVE this idea.

If Pint doesn’t already have a special box, maybe it could be an art project for you and her – or anyone that Pint would enjoy spending time with? Thanks for checking in. Peggy

What a wonderful idea. I would feel honored if you could add my daughter’s name in your special box. Her name is Emily. My blog is the Delicate Balance.
Thanks you for taking the time to do this. I believe in the power of prayer.

I’ve added your names to my Prayer Box. Do you have a blog address? Peggy

I love this idea. Thanks so much for offering to add our names in your box. Please add H (Hardenn) and I in it. This means the world…You and Hayley are in my prayers. Sending hugs…

What a wonderful idea! Please add Jacob to your box, that he continues to stay clean (5+ months so far) and that he gets into recovery soon! Thank you for your prayers, there is great power there. I continue to keep you and Hayley in my prayers.

Jacob is safely in my Prayer Box now, and will receive daily meditations from me. Hope it helps. I pray he stays strong. Peggy

Peggy, this touched my heart. I can see that my favorite girl is already in your box. Thank you. What a wonderful gesture and a good idea I will copy. Hayley and you are always in my prayers.

I love this idea. I have so many people on my “prayer list” and I think about them all through out the day but I love the idea of having something concrete to remind me to stop and pray. Thank you for sharing this.

Yes, this concrete reminder helps me to pause and give some focus/thought to those in need. And don’t feel guilty for being alive. It’s a gift – especially if you are able to help someone else – – – and you ARE!

Please add Kristen in your prayer box for her continued recovery!. Thanks

I just started a prayer box about a week ago. It is a beautiful heart box with lovely little girls and flowers all over it. It was my sister’s and she preserved some of the flower pedals from my mother’s memorial service. My sister has since passed also. I decided what better box to use to place my prayers, it feels so good. I would love it if you would put my name and Zach’s name to your box, and I will do the same for you and Haley.

I’m thrilled to add yours and Zach’s names. It feels as if I’m doing something – and, it helps me keep track of those that need my constant prayers.

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