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Quick reminder before I post my next entry – please visit my Supportive Friends post and contribute to Letty’s book, “How To Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick.”  She will be including a chapter on families and addiction.  Letty is a nationally known author, NY Times columnist, founding editor of MS magazine.  She is a personal friend of mine, and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a result of this personal health crisis, she decided to write a book, How To Be A Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick. After learning about my daughter’s heroin addiction, she solicited information from me to include in her book. And so, blogger friends, I ask you for your input.  What dialogue, questions, actions from friends have been most helpful regarding your child’s drug addiction?  What have been least helpful – even hurtful?   Also, please read my post, Beautiful Child, as background/context to my most recent post,  beautiful boy – up close and personal.

See you on Sunday.


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4 Responses to “Add Your 2 Cents”

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Another thing that maybe isn’t hurtful, but more like irritating is when someone close to me,…as in an extended family member, starts telling me how our son needs to not hang out w/the same people and how he must make a decision to want something different,blah, blah, blah,….I don’t need to know what we already REALLY know SO much. It was like when the cops came into our house once when our son threatened his father with a hammer 😦 and one cop said, “have you ever tried taking away priveleges?”…geez,why didn’t we think of that??? The other thing that is hurtful is when a very close friend never even asks about him (our son) anymore at all, if it’s not all still happening. He’s currently in his 3rd rehab. at the moment,..he’s only 18. Don’t mind me if I sound a bit cranky at the moment.

I think that it’s helpful when a friend or family member just says they’re sorry you’re going through this, without saying anything negative about the addict…in my case, our son. It was hurtful when a couple of people made it clear that they’d pray for us(my husband and me) but not our son,….after being so fed up w/him.

Thanks for this, Lori. Just the simplest words can mean so much. A few days ago, I ran in to some “friends” at Costco who asked me how my daughter got the money for her habit. I couldn’t believe it! I told them that this was not a very good question to ask, but I was searching frantically for some kind of ‘zinger’ to fire back at them. I might answer, “Why are you interested?”, or “What’s it to you?”, or something. Suggestions welcome.

I love the idea Letty has for her book and think I left a comment the first time you posted. Let us know when she publishes it!

Hope you are doing well….thinking of you.

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